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Ruki vs. Kou After Stories:

☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ Gomen, had to split the images in two to prevent major quality loss. Heheh. I was in a photoshopping mood, so I made edits (;-◞౪◟-). Scans Credit: (K704) Okie, keep in mind their versus hasn’t come out yet and do enjoy~

Full Images Here: Ruki/Kou

(~˘▾˘)~ Added a read more with the full text as well~

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I love your blog! it's perfect! but akui- chan can you hurry up in finishing the dlmb translations esp. azusa, ayato's & subaru's one? I really look forward to reading it.

。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。 NEEEEH Akui has soo many things and now my mind’s getting all funky because everyone’s rushing me and it’s scattered and I DONT KNOW WHAT DO ANYMORE ((((*。_。)_. I JUST WANT TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY щ(ಥДಥщ)

Are you ever gonna translate reiji samas? Also thank you for ayato shuu subaru yuma rukis translation! !!

。(*^▽^*)ゞ Yep. More Blood is getting a full on translation~. BEAR WITH ME THOUGH. After Ayato and Subaru are done, (;¬д¬) I’m going back to my old old first translation routes (Shu, Yuma, Ruki) and fixing that crap up because it’s bothering me along with simple typos in others + add both choices. (☞゚∀゚)☞ THEN I SHALL START KANATO AND REIJI DUO~ oh joy. And you’re welcome dear anon-chan~!

Are there any other b-day stories like yuma's and if there are could you link me to them thanks btw i love your blog but i love u more

(*ノωノ) D’aww thankies Anon-chan~! (☞゚∀゚)☞ Here’s all the bday stories I know of.

Sakamaki Bros: Triplets   Reiji   Subaru

Mukami Bros:  Ruki   Kou   Yuma

**Azusa’s hasn’t been released yet and no one’s translated Shu’s**

When do u plan post Carla&Shin after story?I'm impatient(Sorry >_<)

٩(๑•◡-๑)۶ Hmm maybe today if I’m lucky. (*゜▽゜ノノ゛ Yuma’s Bday story put me in a SS mood.


  • Answer some asks
  • Post Ruki/Kou Versus After Stories (finished)
  • Proofread/Edit Images for Carla/Shin After Stories
  • POST DAMN SUBARU’S E04 (;-◞౪◟-) 

Yuma’s Birthday Short Story Translation [2014]:


‘Say let’s go to the amusement park’.  When she had said that, I thought “huh”? I didn’t catch that right, so I asked her to explain. She went on about it being some sort of ‘special occasion’  and I found myself still confused, not understanding at all.


“I mean, isn’t it your birthday?”

“If it is, so what?”


My hand that was peeling harvested vegetables came to a stop and I looked over my shoulder. Her face appeared like a kid in a candy shop.


“And why are you so happy?”

My neck cracked while speaking.

“Well… …uhm… …if a person is important to you, then the day they were born would be too, right?”

She grew embarrassed as she spoke and because of that, for some reason, my face started to heat up.


“But I’m a vampire, you know.”

Speaking with deception, I reached my hand out towards another ripe tomato.

“… …’But Yuma-kun’s a vampire’, and?”

She returned my words right back to me to make sure of them and my words were lost for an answer back.

Sure enough, I don’t say what I truly want to because of a little hesitation that hangs around me.


For starters, discussing my birthday is rehashing the past days of when I was human. I didn’t really plan on celebrating it anyway, but then she took it upon herself to make these plans with cake and amusement parks and whatnots. All of which were behind my back, of course.


“Hey, Yuma-kun!”

She was impatient for me reply, so she hovered around beside me and peered at my face.


“What? You’re in my way.”

“If you answer, then I’ll get out of your way.”


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Hello~ I have a question regarding Azusa's route. Some of his scenarios are translated by you while others are on Kurokosworth's blog. I'm just wondering if only one of you are going to translate the rest of his maniac and ecstasy scenarios and endings, or are you planning to split the work? He's my favourite and I'd love to read his route but it's incomplete so I wanted to ask heh ;;

(„ ・∀・)ノ゛ Heyya~! Oh me and Tsuki-chan are translating More Blood together, its just that I’ve taken over the project a bit because I’m the one out of the two of us who has the freer schedule. She’s supposed to finish Azusa’s route, but when her gaps got too big between translations, I did a chapter or two. (~˘▾˘)~ She has his Maniac 08 half-done, but she’s on vacation at the moment.

“ψ(`∇´)ψ HELL, WHEN SHE GETS BACK IMA SNEAK INTO HER HOUSE AND SLAM HER FACE AGAINST THE COMPUTER SCREEN TO TRANSLATE (it’s okay, I’m allowed to do this since she’s my best buddy~) (;-◞౪◟-) In all seriousness though, her schedule is really busy. She just finished this history course online for school and now she’s in Iowa. So, I’d expect more Azusa translations in August~! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

akui-chan did you translait ruki and kou's birthday sorry if am being dumb but where are they?

ヽ(・ω・ゞ) Yeppers I did~! You can find both under my Birthday SS Translation Tag.

akui-chan, may i ask you a favor even though this anon is being dumb and selfish. With on top of translating everything else in the DL fandom, can you translate yuma-kun's birthday story along with the yuma vs subaru story because i love this stupid farmer dork. please and thank you.

(; ̄^ ̄)尸 Hmm, well I have many unfinished things hehe. 

  • Proofread Subaru’s E04/Post
  • Proofread Kou/Ruki’s After Stories, Cast Interviews, and Versus scene.

щ(ಥДಥщ) BUT IT’S HIS BDAY TODAY. NEEEH. I feel compelled to do it because of that and because of the fact that I did Ruki and Kou’s birthday stories, so I minus well do his and Azusa’s. (ノ´ー`)ノ The Subaru vs Yuma would have too wait a while though. 

OKAY, how about this. (~˘▾˘)~ After I post Subaru’s E04, I’ll do Yuma’s bday SS post that, and then finish off the Ruki/Kou stuff. THEN BACK TO MORE BLOOD. ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ Bare with me a little people.

If it's really hard on you to do it since my birthday is 27july :( sorry to bother it's ok u don't need to rush...I understand

*collapses to the floor* (・□・;) F-F-Five days to finish their routes? I’d have to post 6 chapters a day. (;*´Д`)ノ The most I’ve posted is 4 in one day. I-I don’t know if I can. (~˘▾˘)~ I know for fact I can finish their Ecstasy situations and maybe their story parts. I have a mental set date to finish them (Aug. 6th). I’m sooo sorry, but there’s no way I can finish their routes in 5 days *sobs*.

Akui-chan, that request sounds too hard to do. Even for you. Take your time and don't rush. These things take time, nonnie. You can't ask someone for something that's almost too impossible to complete in a certain time span.

(~˘▾˘)~ Well, let’s see that’s 28 chapters to go until I completely finish Ayato and Subaru NEEEEH ε=ε=(っ*´□`)っ (22 if you exclude their heaven scenarios, 11 each). I try not to rush because I want quality over quantity, but people are demanding (; ̄^ ̄)尸 

Anyway, thank you for understanding/supporting and whatnot Gwivvy-chan~! ♥~(‘▽^人)

hi akui-san can you translait subaru and ayato routs? before my birthday i really want ayato's and subaru's for my birthday gift so mucch can you????

((((;゜Д゜))) WAHHHH when’s your birthday~? I’ll try to get them out as fast as possible ごめんなさい. (;*´Д`)ノ SO MANY THINGS AKUI NEEDS TO DO *cries*. I will try to post/translate as quick as I can okie~?

I said in this moment but mon chou your a part of this jerk club you not different of them i though Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh, but by curiosity i'm fall in R-18 cd with Takahiro Sakurai Augustoctobervixens Tumblr Aka Mun senpai i don't listen yet but if it is interest you , promise me than you post a faq on how we can win the mini game in Vandead Carnival please are you going to organize a poll too ? thanks for the job and for your in advance is send one hundred Yuma with veggie here bonne nuit

щ(ಥДಥщ) HOLY SWEET BISCUITS I LISTENED TO DAT SAKURAI R18 TRACK. (」゜ロ゜)」 Just oh my gawd Sakurai, you’re gonna be the death of me one of these days I swear.

(~˘▾˘)~ As for Vandead Carnival, I am going to run a poll to decide my order. That’s how I do things. What you guys want translated~! As for the minigames, ヽ(・ω・ゞ) I suppose I can post guides on how to win or do them. 

☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ You’re welcome~! Oh I get 100 Yumas now hehe. Coolio~

I was wondering if you would ever do a translation for diabolik lovers haunted dark bridal i mean if you haven't already?

(ノ´ー`)ノ I haven’t done any translations from Haunted Dark Bridal. If time allows me to, I might do some~. ヽ(・ω・ゞ) Depends on when I finish More Blood and when these new games come out. I’m hoping I get a window of free time. Haha. ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ Don’t want to make any promises though, so gomen.

Hello Akui-chan! (I can call you this way?). Well, I'm new here and I'm just passing by to tell you that what you're are doing with the translations is awesome, and of course I wanted to thank you because of that! Another thing, I really do admire how you're sweet with everyone that comes to talk to you. That makes you and your blog really special! Hugs and a Kou with roses for you. (And sorry for the bad English)

*flops around crazily* (。 >艸<) NEHEHEHEH, thank yous!! Yea yeah, Akui-chan is fine~. (;-◞౪◟-) Tis my pleasure to translate and share them with you guys haha. Nyaa (*/ω\*)  really? Special? 。(*^▽^*)ゞ Heheheh, thank you again! By the way, your English is just fine, no worries. *hugs back* (づ ̄  ̄)づ. AHJksdghlds I WILL GLADLY ACCEPT DAT KOU WITH ROSES AS WELL ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ ) //shot. Have a nice day/night/afternoon~!